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Sports & Activities

Sea Sports in Paros Greece

The one reason why so many people are coming to Paros for a vacation is because of the different sea sports that are available in and around Paros. Families, who really love doing different types of sea sports, will enjoy a long vacation in this great Greek Island. Here are some of the different types …

Sports & Activities

Kayaking in Paros – Sea Kayak

Staying in Kalypso Hotel Apartments might be an adventure at itself, but it can be even more fun, to mix your with doing some sea Kayaking. This is an adventure that you and your family won’t forget, very easily. There are really many different activities that you can do while you are in Paros, but …

Sports & Activities

Horse Riding in Paros, Greece

Those who are staying in Kalypso Hotel Apartments while on summer vacations, like to go on horse riding trips. Horse riding in Paros is really popular because of the beauty of the place. There is many places where you can go for horse riding, when you are on vacation in Paros, Greece. One of the …