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Day Cruises in Paros and Antiparos during your Holidays in Paros

Many people are going to Paros for a well-deserved holiday, because of all the different day cruises and activities that one can do in Paros and Antiparos. This can really be one of your best holidays ever, if you are familiar with all the different day cruises that you can your family can attend. Here are some of the day cruises and activities that you can do in Paros and Antiparos.

Some of the cruises that you can go on

Going on holiday in Paros, will ensure hours and hours of fun with all the different cruises that you can book. Most of these day cruises are great for the whole family to enjoy and to have a great, fun day. Here are some of the day cruises that you and your family can go on:

  • You can hire a boat and cruise around Paros for a whole day. This will be a really great experience that everyone will enjoy. There are many different boats that you can hire, and many different routes that you can go on. The great thing about this boat cruise is that you are getting a crew member or two with the boat, so you don’t need to do anything. You and your family can just sit back and enjoy the view around the island. Most boats trips departure from Naoussa port.
  • If you are feeling in the mood for some adventure, then you can hire some quad bikes and cruise on different routes. You will be able to see the most beautiful spot in the whole Paros area. You might not want to do this route with young children, except, if you are going to lift them with you on a quad bike. You can go for the quad bike cruise, even if you are a total beginner, and never have to ride a quad bike before. But, the route is also challenging enough for the person with lots of quad bike experience. The whole day cruise on the quad bike is going to last for 6 hours.
  • For those who like walking, there are also some daily cruises where you can go for trekking through Paros most beautiful paths. The paths are clean and clear, so you will not get lost. This is something to do, if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing day in nature.

Other activities

There not only day cruises that you can do, when you are going on holiday in Paros and Antiparos. There are so many other activities that you can your family can enjoy. Here are just to name a few others.

  • Kitesurfing,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Scuba diving,
  • Snorkeling,
  • And, many other water sports.

Living in Naoussa Paros can really be a fun vacation full of activities and day cruises. It is really recommended that you do as much as possible, when you are visiting Paros, Greece. You and your whole family will have the time of your life without getting bored for one minute.

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