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Kayaking in Paros – Sea Kayak

Staying in Kalypso Hotel Apartments might be an adventure at itself, but it can be even more fun, to mix your with doing some sea Kayaking. This is an adventure that you and your family won’t forget, very easily. There are really many different activities that you can do while you are in Paros, but one of the most favorite is Sea kayaking.

Why do you want to go sea kayaking in Paros?

Because there are so many different activities in and around Paros that you can enjoy when you are on holiday in Paros, many people are asking the question of why you would want to do something this boring.

People that are saying that sea kayaking is boring, never have done this before. And, they most definitely didn’t do it in Paros. Paros has a really beautiful sea view, which you can enjoy when you are on the sea. A view that will not be the same, if you are on a real, large boat.

The water is crystal clear, so you will be able to enjoy the view into the sea. You will be able to see deep down into the sea from only your kayak. Then, there are the impressive cliffs that you will not be able to experience, if you are not in a kayak in the Paros Sea. If you love to see different rock formations, you most definitely should go sea kayaking in Paros.

When will you be able to do sea kayaking?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to sea kayak throughout the year. The best time to kayak is from the moment it starting to get warm, until late autumn. It isn’t advisable to go sea kayaking during the winter time.

Normally a tour goes on throughout the day. This isn’t something that you want to do, if you only have an hour or so available. The more time you have in your day, the more you will be able to enjoy a day at the sea, while kayaking.

If you are going to the right place for sea kayaking, you will have a great selection of tours that you can go on, when you are going sea kayaking. There are even some places that don’t just offer single kayaks, but you can even hire the double kayak. This is great, if you have children that can’t go alone on a kayak.

It is also important to make sure that you bring enough water for yourself to drink, because you will become hot and thirsty. It is also advisable to make sure that you are also bringing sunscreen with you, for a whole day out in the sun.

If you want to have the full Paros experience, you should most definitely go for a sea kayak. You can’t end your vacation without this great activity in Paros for you and your whole family.

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