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Sea Sports in Paros Greece

The one reason why so many people are coming to Paros for a vacation is because of the different sea sports that are available in and around Paros. Families, who really love doing different types of sea sports, will enjoy a long vacation in this great Greek Island. Here are some of the different types of sea sports that you can enjoy, on your vacation.

Waterski, a famous sport in Greece!

Waterski is always really popular at many different vacation places near the sea. So many professional skiers and even those who never have skied before, will enjoy waterskiing, that you will find in Paros.

The great thing about waterski, is that there are different types of waterski that you can try or do if you are more experienced. You can try the barefoot waterski, if you are a real daredevil, or you can even try the water monoski. But, most of the people doing waterski, prefer just the normal waterski that beginners can do also.

Wakeboarding, an adventurous sport in Greece

If you like waterski, then this is something that you most definitely should try doing. Wakeboarding is the one thing that every tourist in Paros should try. This is a whole lot of fun, even for the beginner. If you are going as a family, you are going to laugh, especially if you and your family never have done this.

With wakeboarding, you can also find two different types, just like waterski. You will have a choice between wakeboarding, or you can try wake surfing. Both of these types of wakeboarding will be lots of fun.

Tubes, a real funny sport!

If you are in the mood to get wet, and you want to have lots of fun, then you should consider doing the tubes. This is where you are sitting on a tube, in the water. The tube is then getting towed by a speedboat. If you are loving doing something extreme, then tubes are for you.

You are getting three different types of tubes that you can ride on. You are getting the flyfish, which are an enormous flying wing that reaches skywards. Two persons can go on this type of tube. The next tube is the AirstreamIV. This tube is built for speed. So, if you don’t like speed, you should not go on this tube. This tube is built for two to eight people. The BIG O is the tube that looks like a giant donut. This is a tube where you are going solo. The last type of tube that you can go on, is the Crazy sofa. This is the tube to go on, if you are afraid of water, or if you have small children. This tube can hold up to five people.

No matter what of these sea sports you are going to do, when you are on vacation in Paros. No matter what, you will enjoy all the different types of sea sport. There is more than one place where you can go for your sea sport, and each of them offers a great selection of sea sport that you can do.

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