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Horse Riding in Paros, Greece

Those who are staying in Kalypso Hotel Apartments while on summer vacations, like to go on horse riding trips. Horse riding in Paros is really popular because of the beauty of the place. There is many places where you can go for horse riding, when you are on vacation in Paros, Greece. One of the places where you can go for a great horse riding is at Thanasis Farm. Here are more information about why people should go for horse riding at this farm when they are visiting Paros, Greece:

Description of the farm

Thanasis has opened his horse riding farm in 2002, in Naoussa fishing village. This was after he noticed the large demand in visitors that are looking for a way to experience the Paros landscapes on a horse. This gave him the chance to work with the one thing that he really loves, horses.

This isn’t just any horse farm, this is a modern, and responsible horse farm for both the riders and the horses. The moment that you arrive on the farm, you will feel welcomed and warm. This is because there is always someone that will welcome anyone arriving at the farm.

The animals are really cared for and loved. They are looking beautiful, because of the love and attention that they receive. No matter on which horse you are going to ride, you will have a great experience.

Who will be able to ride on the horses?

Because so many people never had ride on a horse before, this horse farm made sure that everyone that is climbing on their horses knows how to handle the horse. There are courses for those people that never have ridden a horse.

There are different trails that you can go on, when you are going for your ride. The different trails are different in length. For the more experienced rider, there is a long, and really beautiful trail that they can follow. However, there is also a trail, which is just as beautiful for the beginner that wants to stay close to the stalls.

No matter if you are an experienced horse rider, or if you never have been on a horse’s back, you will be able to enjoy your day at this horse farm.

The way that they are training their horses

For many people it is really important to know how the horses get treated on farms like these. There are many horse farms where the horses have been treated badly. However, you don’t have to fear that the horses get bad treatment at Thanasis farm.

The horses have been treated well, and they don’t use any violence to train the horses. They are making use of the Liberty Training Method to train the horses. The horses are all well behaved and will not throw you off their backs when you’re riding them.

When you are on vacation and staying at Kalypso Hotel Apartments, we suggest you to go for a horse riding on this farm. There is nothing better than the beauty of Paros and to breathe in the fresh air.

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